High-Precision Metal Alloy Extrusion

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High-Precision Technology

Equal force distribution is a challenging factor for many extrusion presses when it comes to high-precision extrusion. PRIZMA Engineering is no stranger to such delicate calibrations and tolerance settings, and we offer unique solutions that will provide your manufacturing line the the most consistent and accurate output.

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X-Guide Technology

Our extrusion presses are designed for maximum precision and include our X-Guide technology. This is essentially a moving backplate, shaped like an X that secures an even distribution of force on the billet during the extrusion process. It means the hydraulic force from the piston pushes the X-Guide, and with its support from the 4 tie rids the material is pushed steadily through the die and produces an even output. 

 Adaptive Calibration

Precision is not a one-off event, but a continuous effort to produce the ultimate results. This means that we design our machines to learn from sensor readings and recalibrate accordingly. We want to secure an ever-improving legacy of efficient manufacturing through the use of smart-tech. Whether its for new machines or a revamped one, we have the ability to digitise your manufacturing line.

Double X-Guide Technology

While we are confident in our X-Guide technology, there are jobs that require even more precision and production accuracy. Take heatsink extrusion or micro-extrusion as examples:

  • Pushing material at high-temperatures and high-pressure through delicate dies can go wrong very quickly and result in damaged components during the production of heatsink profiles.
  • MMC extrusion lines require highly-controlled conditions to deliver a consistent product. This means both heat regulation and delicate pressure distribution from start to finish.
We developed the Double X-Guide technology (main ram and container) to offer our customers the highest levels of manufacturing accuracy. This technology includes a second X-Guide on the container housing to guide the billet to the die centre while maintain its temperature and pressure at optimum levels. 

This innovative mechanical design is combined with a state of the art closed-loop servo control for speed and pressure of ram movement. The combination of all our high-precision technology results in super-precise extruded profiles, which hold the highest accuracy standards in the extrusion industry.
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High-Precision Results

Pushing the limit is always challenging, but through our partnerships with leading universities and component manufacturers we give our customers some of the highest-level of manufacturing possibilities in our industry. We keep learning from academic breakthroughs and we implement all the learnings we gain through our unique style and innovation. We have exceeded industry standards in previous projects and offer our future clients the same commitment and newer innovations.

We stand out among our competitors because of how our experience is complemented by our drive to innovate. We know what works, so bring us your challenges and we’ll provide you with the ultimate solution.

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